2014: Adult Sunday School: Thessalonians with Kevin Galloway

Taught by Kevin Galloway

Imagine if several months into the existence of Trinity Presbyterian Church, some members of the neighboring community became so hostile to our ministry here that they stirred up a riot, forcing us to send our pastor and some of the key leaders of the church away to a different city for the sake of their safety. What would life be like for those us of who were left behind to “pick up the pieces”? This is exactly the situation faced by the first century church at Thessalonica, a large city in what is now northern Greece. Acts 17 describes the successful but short-lived ministry that Paul (with Silas and Timothy) had among the Thessalonians before the jealous Jewish leaders stirred up a riot and drove them out of town. They literally had to flee the city by night, leaving a very young church without the leadership and guidance of their beloved apostle. Paul loved this church and made every effort to return to them, but found that he was thwarted at every step. At last he was able to send Timothy back to check on them, and when Timothy returned to him with a very encouraging report of the church’s growth and health, Paul felt compelled to write to them a letter (the first epistle to the Thessalonians) to express his deep affection and concern, and to provide them with some additional instruction.
This letter provides some much needed encouragement and considers important themes such as:

  • What would it look like if we truly loved one another within the church?
  • What should govern our interactions with those outside the church?
  • How do we encourage one another during times of adversity?
  • Why would a letter of encouragement spend so much time talking about the return of Christ?

We’ll study the book in a verse-by-verse fashion in an interactive setting, seeking to understand Paul’s intended meaning for the original readers as well as the timeless truths and encouragements which apply to us today just as powerfully as ever.

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